6Proprint Located in 10,000 sqft Industrial Building with Prepress, Printing & Finishing equipment.


We provide color calibrated digital proofs and we can match colors 99% close to the customer's original

Workflow Software
Esko workflow (Trap, RIP, Imposition, etc.)
Output devices
Prestec Thermal CTP
Proofing devices
High Resolution Inkjet Printer
Adobe InDesign
Macromedia FreeHand

Our Heidelberg SM 74 6 Color printing machine (German Make) is armed with the below features to print very high-quality Jobs.

Heidelberg SM 74 6
  • CP 2000 Automatic ink control system
  • Alcolor with Vario Dampening
  • Steel plate in feeder and delivery
  • Anilox Doctor blade coater for Gloss/Matt full or spot finishing Effect
  • Autoplate
  • Powder spray
  • IR & Hot air combination Drier
  • Auto Blanket Wash
  • Auto ink roller wash
  • Ink temperature control
4 Color Double Side Imperial Flexo Printing Machine for Fabric Label
  • Heavy duty construction to avoid any distortion in printing.
  • A central impression cylinder ensures accurate print register.
  • Uniform ink-flow
  • Outstanding performance


Automatic Sheet Lamination machine for lamination of Gloss/Matte BOPP films
Cutting Machines


Wohlenberg High Speed Guillotines are of solid construction and suited for processing various materials, as e.g. paper, cardboard or similar cutting stock. Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes.

Polar 58EM

Hydraulic knife (two button operation), Beam guards, Adjustable clamp pressure, Foot clamp, LCD display & Easy programming

Die Cutting

Heidelberg Original Cylinder

Designed and built by German craftsmen, the Heidelberg press features heavy-duty construction with massive base used for high precision die cutting/perforation and scoring.

Heidelberg Platen

Are claimed by many to be the peak of precision in die cutting

Die Cutting & Foiling

Heidelberg Platen
Foil stamping, embossing and die cutting platen presses are unmatched in their ability to deliver consistency in quality, every time. The creativity and versatility possible is limitless

Plain/Blank Label Die Rotary Cutting

From VINSAK is the advanced slitter rewinder with Die-cutting. The diecutting machine can be upgraded to add inkjet system for Bar-code, camera inspection system QR Code and Variable data personalization

Automatic Ultrasonic Garment Label Cutting & Folding Machine

Used for sealing the edges of the label to give a smooth feel and has become an important and high demand in the garment industry.

Can do End Fold, Center Fold, Pocket Fold & End Fold with Seal cut

The machine has electrostatic charge discharger so that the labels can be stacked well and does not stick with edges of the blade